Corse, Corsica – Reunion of Maniates !

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During the celebration of Nostos 2011 in Cargese of Corsica, Maniates, a family name that comes from the Greek place Mani, connected with fellow Maniates from areas outside of Mani after 338 years of separation.  All these years past have been characterized by a sense of displacement and separation, but blood and roots cannot be erased.

Maniates from Corsica, Maniates from Mani, and Maniates from Sardinia have been reunited and have redefined their family connections in Cargese. Everyone involved experienced a great historical event.

The organization of Nostos 2011 has involved the Federation of Greek Communities and Brotherhoods, Italy. The representatives of the three municipalities that promote the targets of the Nostos 2011 organization, François Garidacci, Antonio Zedda and Nikolas Mauroidoggonas have signed once again a contract concerning a three-party cultural cooperation.

A very touching moment was the visit in Paomia, the first settlement of Maniates from Corsica since 1676. Those involved were given the chance to visit the church and ring the bell during the pilgrimage to the graves of Maniates, located in the adjacent and forlorn burial ground.

Their name liveth!


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