‘Dissident’ Republican Attacks

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Contemporary ‘Dissident’ Republican Insurgency. In the North of Ireland at present there are infrequent attacks by at least three armed Irish Republican insurgent guerrilla ‘armies’. ‘Dissident’ Republicans were responsible for the April 2011 bomb attack in Killyclogher, near Omagh, which killed PSNI member, Ronan Kerr, the Antrim fatal shooting attacks at Massarene Barracks in 2009, a fatal shooting attack in North Armagh and the Omagh bombing of 1999. For a variety of reasons these groups are uniformly referred to in the media by the blanket term (and arguably grossly inaccurate) ‘Dissident Republicans.’ In a previous article I traced the origins, raison d’etre, aims and modus operandi of the current armed Irish Republican groups and although there are a few shadowy groups operating at a nearly non-existent level, who are allegedly Kitsonian ‘Counter-gangs, the main ‘players’ at present are:

1. The Real I.R.A (RIRA)

2. Oglaigh na hEireann (O.N.H)

3. Continuity IRA (CIRA)

Suite et source de l’article : http://hubpages.com/hub/Irish-Republican-Insurgent-Attacks-in-Contemporary-Ireland

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